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Complete Body Respray

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  • Dent Craft are Birmingham’s leading provider of paintless dent removal (PDR) meaning that we can usually remove dents at less than half the price of...

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  • Factory finish remains in tact. It requires no filling to make PDR repairs. The process is clean and quick; it involves no spraying Because there...

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  •   The body shop is an area of the business which has expanded over recent years. If customers bring vehicles in with  dents where the...

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  •   At Dent Craft, we not only repair prestige brands in the workshop but we also provide training and on site dent removal for some...

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who we are

Dent Craft are Birmingham’s leading Paintless Dent Removal specialists. This is a unique method of removing your dings and dents from your car body work, without the need of filler or re-spraying any of your car panels. Scratches, bumper scuffs etc.

A series of bars and rods are used to massage out dents from behind the panel. As long as the paint is not damaged, we should be able to help.

PDR (paintless dent removal) restores your car back to its original factory finish avoiding paint colour mismatches. PDR uses no chemicals or paint and so does its bit for the environment.

New to the UK retail market, the paintless dent removal service from Dent Craft takes skills
pioneered in the motor trade.

Perfect for golf ball accidents, storm damage, hail stone dents and dings in the supermarket car park. Many dents can be removed completely, while with some dents it is possible to improve them to the point where they are far less noticeable meaning you can avoid the cost of repainting the panel.

Development of special tooling allows us to gain access into areas previously thought impossible. We can even access areas, where manufacturers design more strengthened sections and crash impact bars.

As the paintwork remains original and unaltered in any way, there is no risk of colour mismatch,  over spray or surface contamination. Indeed the manufacturers warranty remains intact as this method of repair is utilized and approved by manufacturers, delivery companies etc, on their new vehicles.

Do you need a courtesy car while your vehicle is being lovingly restored ? Cars subject to availability, terms and conditions. Get in touch for further details

With all our work fully guaranteed, and our competitive rates, that makes Dent Craft your one stop shop for PDR. ( Paintless Dent Removal ).

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