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Our Company would like to introduce a green concept for you the customer to consider. Dent Craft is a local business situated in Birmingham,

As all consumers know the Government may introduce a tax on unfriendly environment products. At Dent Craft we are one step ahead because we do not use any chemicals to repair the dent in your vehicle unless it is drastic.
We are a company that have been established for over 20 year’s, and have been using a process called PDR (paint less dent removal); we would like more people to be aware of this green technology. This technology enables our dent technicians to remove dents from panel’s on your vehicle without any harm to the environment because we can remove the dents without re painting the panel or using any body fillers. This method also makes it more cost effective than a traditional repair.

The art of Dent Craft was first performed back in the late 1980’s, when we were working on brand new vehicles for the auto motive industry. We decided that this technology would be beneficial to the general public so we moved into the public domain and have not looked back since having satisfied our customer base.

Because we have been operating for the past 20 years, we believe that we have saved a certain amount of pollution from entering the environment by using this eco friendly process.
Pollution is becoming a big problem so we must cut it down as much as possible, why go and pay a high price to have your dents painted in the traditional way, when or if the paint is not damaged, we can remove it at a very low cost and at little or no risk to the environment

At Dent Craft we are proud of our business and of the customer network we have built up over the years, we take pride in our work and have travelled the globe to bring the latest technology to our customers so that we can obtain the best possible results. On our travels we have run into all kinds of dents even hail damage which being an act of God is not covered by insurance. Whatever dent you may have bring your vehicle to our workshop and our dent technicians will assess it for you at no extra cost. Most of our customers leave their vehicle with us while they go shopping or do other errands and by the time they return the dent has magically disappeared because using this process the removal of a dent is much quicker.

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Our Morrisons service of removing dings and dents whilst you shop!

“Dent Craft” from its owner.

We at Dent Craft have been repairing dents and painting vehicles for over 22 years and have come a long way since we first started way back in 1989. I, Dave , the owner of Dent Craft first started back at the Longbridge factory where I was removing dents from  brand new Rovers ! I then decided to set up my own business repairing cars.

My first garage that I approached was a Porsche main dealer in Sutton Coldfield. This was a very brave move but I walked in with my head held up high and asked one of the managers if he had any cars with dents on that he wanted doing.  He then told me that he had a Porsche boxster with a dent on so I got out my tools out and repaired the Porsche with all the technicians watching me. Once they saw exactly what I could do I continued repairing Porsches for them for many years after.

I then moved into the teaching side of dent removal and linked up with a large company in Bournemouth called Glass Aid. We worked together for many years and they gave me the great opportunity to teach paintless dent removal all over the UK and even travelled the world teaching. I then decided to set up my own body shop and training centre and Dent Craft has been going in Sheldon for over 17 years.

We have grown and now take on most repairs from small dents that we can just remove without the need of painting to big repairs that need to be filled and painted .We now have some large companies on board that we do repairs for such as West Midlands Police, the MG plant at Longbridge, Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) and we are have been repairing Ferrari’s at the main dealer in Birmingham for over 10 years.  Also on the teaching side we have trained many dent repairers from Aston Martin at the Gaydon factory in dent removal and have had the opportunity to work on vehicles valued at 1.4 million pounds.

We are passionate about cars and treat all of our customers cars with care and will always repair your vehicle to a high standard and whether you have a small parking dent or a large paint repair you can have a one stop service with Dent Craft that will take care of your vehicle! We can also provide a small courtesy car subject to availability and terms and conditions.

our history


Started removing dents for Porsche main dealer in Sutton Coldfield.


We moved to the unit on Sheaf Lane in Sheldon


Ferrari’s Birmingham main dealership took us on as their dent removal supplier.


After having 16 years as a sole trader, we went from a sole tradership to a Limited company, putting us on a firmer business footing


Dent Craft have now been added to Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) as their main supplier for any dent repairs and training programs which is great for the business.  We have been working with JLR since 1997,  covering a training program called ELS. We also have more future training for Aston Martin at the Gaydon plan!

We have now added more staff to take on more quality repair work! Looking into the future we are looking at setting up a Dent Craft in Redditch for Paintless Dent Removal and continuing to grow our Dent Craft brand


Dent craft have moved forward once again with more quality staff and we now have over 100 years experience within our team of technicians and can offer our customers a great service. We have also continued our relationship with JLR as their main suppliers for dent removal and dent training. Having such a large company behind us means we can grow the business even further in the future. We now also have a fleet of loan cars available if your vehicle is with us for a repair. Courtesy vehicles are subject to availability and provided on condition that you are insured to drive other vehicles on your policy.


Dentcraft have now obtained a second location in Garrett’s Green, with more parking and easy access in a modern unit, whilst still maintaining our Sheaf Lane unit


I had the pleasure of helping out at Aston Martin in South Wales with their new model DBX. This meant working away from 7 months. Whilst away from the business, my team continued with a great service as usual, whilst keeping our customers safe and sticking by the Government guidelines


We maintain our service whilst being in unusual times. We are now more focused on our Unit 8, Granby Business Park, Granby Avenue, B33 0TJ unit now rather than our old site at Sheaf Lane. All of our customers now prefer our more up to date location as parking is 100% better and we can also offer a comfortable waiting room if needed.