Our Training Services

Dent Craft is one of the leading PDR companies in this particular market, and provides one of the best training programs in the country, using professional hands-on training combined with our comprehensive training manual, your technicians and trainees will quickly learn the skill of paintless dent removal. The choice of training is programmed to suit you and your staff, whether its done at one of our centres or within your own environment.

Your staff can learn the key skills for paintless dent removal and will be able to become a key factor, enhancing your business to a very professional level with the training program from Dent Craft.

Dent Craft have been teaching dent repairs for over 17 years. We have even been into some of the large Companies such as Jaguar factory, Leyland Trucks, Honda UK, and 100’s of body shops over the country even as far as Dublin and Saudi Arabia.
The training course is a minimum of 3 days but you can have as many days as you feel you may need. The joy of learning paintless dent removal is that once you have purchased your tools and had your training, there are no other costs to your business – no over heads, no consumables, no problem.

Dentcraft also currently teach at Aston Martin and Jaguar Land Rover and offer the best training program possible.


the course

Training Program for one week.

Day One

Starting off on a bonnet using pdr tools, locating the tip of the tool and identifying high spots and low, understanding the light is also important. A combination of tools will also be used on day one, just for trainees to get a feel of different tool types.

Day Two.

Trainees will start off on day two working on one of our old vehicles, starting with the front wings, removing small parking dents. This exercise will cover the morning shift. The afternoon will consist of removing dents out of rear quarter panels.

Day Three.

Day three will mainly consist of removing dents out of doors. Doors are a main area for dents to appear and can take a lot of practicing.

Day Four.

Day four we will be covering all other panels on our vehicle that we have not yet covered, also we will be covering vertical creases, which again are very common.

Day Five.

Day five will be a combination of things to do with your training and final assessment and a test will be done to see how you have done on your course.

At any time on your training program, the trainer may stop you, so you can watch him remove dents out of any customers vehicle that are booked in. This exercise will help you see what can and can’t be removed in real life situations.

Each day training will start at 9.30am and finish at 4.30pm, lunch break is at 1.00pm. There is also morning tea break at 10.30am and an afternoon tea break at 3.00pm.

Dent Craft have a dedicated training site in Redditch, with close links to the M42

Dent Craft have a dedicated training site in Redditch, with close links to the M42