Factory finish remains in tact. It requires no filling to make PDR repairs.

The process is clean and quick; it involves no spraying

Because there is no paint or fillers, there is never the problem of colour matching. The repair is invisible.

Saves you money!

Paintless Dent Removal can significantly enhance the appearance of a vehicle and therefore increase its value.

It is a much cheaper process.

Increases the value of your vehicle.

Dent damage repair prior to a rental/lease turn-back will save you big money.

Maintaining residual values: According to statistics, the value of a used car can reduce by up to 15% by the presence of cosmetic dents.

By maintaining the appearance of your vehicle you keep that new car feeling.

Most dent repairs can be completed within an hour. As the paintwork remains original there is no conflict with manufacturer’s warranty.

With all our work fully guaranteed, and our competitive rates, makes Dent Craft your one stop shop for PDR.

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