Morrisons and Dent Craft

Dent Craft are offering a unique service based once a month at Morrisons’ supermarket car park in Solihull Town Centre

This could change from time to time to other Morrisons stores locally (call for more info) making life easier for our customers. We are offering a service that will allow you to have a free car body repair quotation for your vehicle while you wait or have your small dings and dents removed while you are shopping. This is a first, and Dent Craft are proud to be the market leaders in this unique new field.

Once you’ve had a quote from Dent Craft for body repairs, you can then book your vehicle into our new modern workshop that is based at Garretts Green opposite the DVLA centre.  Doing your dings and dents while you are shopping seems to be very popular with our customers as this means it is very convenient.

Prices will depend on the size of the dent. Our starting price is from £50 plus VAT per panel but we would need to view first! Parking time on Morrisons car parks are normally limited to one and a half hours so providing we can do your dings and dents in that time will be fine. Any longer then we would book you into either one of our 2 body shops. We are moving forward with innovations and new ideas all the time so please keep a eye on our many new changes to the business to make your life much more easier .